Saturday, January 05, 2008


A few months ago, I was passing through one of the busy streets of the city, when suddenly my eyes roosted on a make shift shop on the road side. This person, GS had come all the way from Rajasthan and it was his first trip to the city, to showcase and sell his artifacts to the city folks. This was the first time, GS had crossed the borders of Rajasthan, spent close to one and a half day in train to be in the new city.

New city, fast life and such pure culture shock had definitely left an inerasable impression, which I could make once I started a conversation with him. GS's attractively skewed vision of his visit, with males and females glued to each other on bikes as if advertising for the Fevicol AD, and the slow moving traffic near junctions similar to earthworms moving tardily, thus became backbone of his interaction with me.

To me, this was a story about a happy collision of views, and the celebration of native talent, trying to explore new waters and his standpoints of the city life. Can he sustain the city life or will he be lost in the gleam of the neon lights.

I feel he can hold upto the chaaka chaun of city life, atleast his eyes flashed sparks of immense confidence.

Picture 389
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(Thanks to GS, for this perfect pose for my pic :))

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