Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ek Jhakaas sa Argument...

Now, guess how a typical argument goes, there are two sides and each tries to convince or prove the other side, that it is correct. What goes on in the process is that each group has its own set of views gathered from various reservoirs, be it personal readings, eruditions from training, observations from outside world and a host of other sources.

But when it comes to a small baby, I am sure that they are not entrenched in panoramas and views of any format. For them, their expressions are like air or water, fluid and unstable in nature, just express and just keep on speaking till they merely wear themselves out or are exhausted through repetition, overuse, etc. That's fun, and often they end up asking some funny questions for which parents have to think for a while before offering a convincing answer.

I have a small cousin, well she is grown up now and is studying in standard two. A couple of years back, my uncle and aunt had a small family and friends get-together and party to mark their marriage anniversary. This smart toddler goes to her maa and asks, 'Why didn't you invite me for this warm event, every year, even though papa and you are married for close to seven years now?'

Fundu question, isn't it? Now check this video and see how the kid is engrossed in what it (using it, as I am not sure from the video snippet if it’s a wise he or a she) wants to say.

If you watch the video closely, the kid is keeping its focus on the other person and her behavior. Whenever the person is trying to pigeonhole the kid into some other discussion, it simply side-steps her comments and then redirects its own depot of energy back upon her, in the most free-flowing way. This is sooper yummy, verbal martial arts. Never guard against any of the comments, simply redirect and return the inputs back to the person and this kid is definitely a mavin in this arena.

Btw, can someone guess which language was that? It's Turkish, as I could make this from one of the comments on a Youtube page.

Lol this is my own language Turkish.. hooray for Turkey
This woman has a tv show for little kids and also is an actress and plays in a child serie. lol that baby is adorable!
they are arguing about the channel little girl wants,
about which baby channel she wants to watch on the digiturk tv box. the whole advertisement is about the digiturk tv box thing.
digiturk channels blabla..

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