Monday, December 10, 2007

The Western Music Festival, Bangalore...

The English daily, Deccan Herald is organizing the Western Music Festival between 12th and 15th December 2007 at Chowdiah Memorial Hall, Bangalore for music aficionados. The timings of the event will be from 6.30p.m to 9.00p.m. A wide variety of musical performances are in the schedule like:

Choral Music
Rhythm and blues
Cappella Music
Solo / Duet / Trio / Quartet with live accompaniment
Retro Music
Broadway / Hollywood

More details are here.

So be there and enjoy maddi.

Keep reading and remain connected.

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At 11:11 AM, Anonymous smartgal said...

To add to this blog: I am thinking about the two boys who killed their class mate. I am sure that they haven't realized what they have done. In spite of the press and police saying it is a definite premeditation, I am sure the guys didn't know what would be the loss and the consequences that would follow the incident.

The boys are in juvenile detention for fourteen days.

Will the boys still think that what they have done is right? Will the boys be happy to be in Juvenile without going to school? Will the boys wont regret for what they have done? Above all, will the boys won’t miss Abhishek?
I wouldn’t completely blame one of the boy’s parents for negligently keeping the gun for this entire episode. Because once killing Abhishek has been decided, they could have done anything else if this way is not possible. It is all about the moral value that the kids possess now-a-days. There is no session conducted neither in school nor outside in order to sow them the human values.

This is one such moral we are talking about.

Now a days
Are the kids respecting the elders?
Are the kids disciplined?
Are the kids altruistic?

I am seeing small children beating their mom/dad if the latter scold them. Shocking is that the parents still keep quiet.

During my childhood my father used to send me to a balavicar class every weekend. I was initially lazy and reluctant. Later I started enjoying myself.
Balavicar class is an initiative by Sathya Sai baba for cultivating human values among children and some extract below on what they teach.

Based on Sathya Sai Baba's teachings, his organization advocates the five basic human values. These values are sathya (truth), dharma (right conduct, living in accord with natural law), ahimsa (non-violence), prema (love for God and all his creatures)[78] and shanti (peace).
Other primary teachings includes:
• Service and charity (seva) to others.
• Love for all creatures and objects.
• Every creature and object is God in form, though most do not experience this as their reality.
• Abstinence from drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, and taking drugs.
• Inclusive acceptance of all religions as paths to realizing the One (God).
• Importance of bhakti (devotion) to God.
• Reverence for parents, teachers and elders.
• Sense control
• Altruism

I am now realizing why my Father sent me to this class. Since all these morals, I understood by my grandfather’s stories (he used to tell me one story everyday and each story will have a unique moral value in it), the class was a repetition for me. Even then I used to enjoy the class. Also there each kid will get a turn to tell a story and so we have to practice and then preach. Say if I am telling a story for emphasizing respecting parents, I will first practice it before I tell my friends.

Believe me there was considerable difference each week within me.
I would suggest to my friends, elders to explore if any classes happening similar to this. If not, I would even suggest to gather some neighboring kids along with our kids and start a one like this: so that not only our kids but our friend’s kids would also be benefited.

At 9:58 AM, Blogger kallu said...

Good idea smartgal. About starting a neighborhood class. We dont realise how impressionable young kids can be.So we could try to give them some of the 'right' impressions.


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