Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My Blog Award and bloglife...

There was an email with a request that was pending for long. Ram, an engineer from IIT Kharagpur who runs a blog so-did–i had conferred me with 'Awesome Guy Blogger' under the Creative Blog category. I am thrilled and excited to learn that people follow my posts and I would make extra effort to improve my style of blogging and presenting my views in the most coherent way. Thanks Ram and sorry for the delay in posting.

Now these blogging awards are not like the red-carpet ostentatious Oscar awards but these are modest affirmations that there are people who connect to your blogs and enjoy reading the posts. As simple as that. These blogging awards are mirthful ways to recognize your fellow bloggers to show them how much one appreciates what they express in their posts. These awards in my view makes one connect to others, whose thought process frequency matches your's and you always feel at home on their blogs.

So as per Article 15 of Indian Constitution, which discourages any form of discrimination against any citizen on grounds only of religion, race, caste, sex, place of birth or any of them. I am not categorizing any guy or gal bloggers.

I really appreciate the concept of blogging and this medium has introduced me to some smart, wonderful, affectionate and fantastic characters, who have offered me a plethora of learnings. I love the passion that drives these people who express their views on their blogs and connect to the outside world. Few of them and many have blogs I consider to be out of this world. They are on my blogsite's blog roll list but to name a few.

There is this lady Amrita Rajan, a roving writer based in NY whose ingenuity, verbal skill, and selection of topics has the power to evoke laughter, to add humor to a dry and dull day, to prick and challenge your mind with many questions and so on. Perfect mix of desi and non-desi themes.

Rashmi Bansal, a grad from IIMA needs no introduction in Indian blogosphere. I feel after Kiruba, one of the most popular bloggers in India, this editor of JAM magazine fits in the list. I need not say more, let Youth Curry and her thoroughly analysed and poked into posts in various Indian magazines speak for the rest.

Then there is this gentleman, Aaman whom I know for 2.5 years now. With a mission to facilitate dialogue and communication, in the real and virtual worlds with no boundaries, this technology industry consultant started an e-zine Desicritics, with his guiding spirit, Deepti.

Hey, how can I forget my friend GVK, a retired Times of India correspondent and who in his career has served in some of the leading publishing houses in India. This man may be old in age, [that's just a number, ditch that man] but very young in heart and oozes lots of energy and ideas. In short, my association with him can be equated to an old house, in a desolate land full of wide-ranging collection of books, with each book having something special to say.

Many of us would have come across this phrase, 'Walk The Talk'. Even there is an interview-based programme 'Walk the Talk' on NDTV’s 24x7 by Indian Express Editor-in-Chief Shekhar Gupta. This illustrious lady by the name Anou, may not have appeared in one of those shows but frankly speaking I feel she deserves a slot there. Anou runs a simple project named pWhy (i.e Project Why) with her endeavors and efforts centered around bringing, simple smile in the faces of the under privileged individuals of the society and to empower the female clan from the lower starta of the society. Why does she do this ? My answer would be because she has a passion to bring about change and she does it and has been doing this for 7 years now. On the contrary we have paper tigers like SRK, Priyanka Chopra, Abhishek B and lot others on the Lead India show who wish to bring about change in this nation just by appearing on AD campaigns.

Also don't miss, Anita's blog, a die-hard shutterbug and wanderlust. Also I enjoy reading Sujatha's assortment of posts covering lots of book reviews, travel tips, deep dives into desi-life and much more.

This is just a short list, there are many other bloggers whose posts I follow regularly, just that there names are not here. I have all their names in my fingertips and would blog on them soon.

Fine, all these but how can I forget Mayank, who recently created ripples in Indian Blogosphere. He is a thoda haat ke chap and lives on books, runs 4 blogs on the web and does photography of aam junta capturing moments that we normally miss. And and and uses the Delhi Blue line buses for his commute. His latest claim to fame is that Filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali plans to make a film based on one of his pieces in Pakistan Paindabad.

So all in all, I equate my blog life to my normal life in which one gets to rub shoulders with a wide range of people. Offers lots to learn, unlearn, share, discuss, debate and argue, of course with reason. Also I am happy that, there are at least five people whom I provoked and aroused their curiosity to have their own blogs and websites. So that many treats pending...huh...

So what are you waiting for in case you don't have a blog site of your own. Start one so that I am invited for another treat.

Keep reading and remain connected.

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At 7:01 PM, Blogger Praveen G K said...

Beautiful post! Simple, elegant and nice!! You are very true, thanks to mysore blog park, I am introduced to so many new blogs everyday, and it is nice to get to know one another in this big world of blogging :-)

Keep going!!! Will be a regular henceforth!!!

At 10:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Game for SriLankan or WestIndian :)

At 7:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

appreciation came late. this is the only thing i need to say.
keep good work up.

At 11:04 AM, Blogger Sur said...

Hey Congrats for all the good things happening in ur life. :)
And so very true, the concept of blogging rocks, no other medium allows you to express urself so freely and I sure enjoy reading ur views and opinions.
Keep blogging!

At 9:55 PM, Anonymous deepti said...

thanks for the mention Tanay:)


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