Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Rajni, Rajni, Rajni...

I guess, by now everyone would have heard about Rajni's blockbuster Sivaji:The Boss and the kind of hysteria it created among the fans. I even read in the newspapers that some die-hard enthusiasts actually flew from Chennai to New Delhi just because all the tickets were sold out. That's the power and the trademark of this man, Rajni, the second highest paid actor in Asia after Jackie Chan and highest in India.

His films, which are famous for their tastelessly showy and flashy costumes, humorous locutions, jhakas on the fly rustic punch lines and best are his hallmark tricks, that would even put the Hollywood sci-fi flick directors to shame. And not to mention his stunts, that defy the laws of Physics out rightly. A few of those out of the world mind-boggling tricks, which are big money grossers, are here. But whatever be the case, this chap rules the emotions of the people and is given the stature of a demi-god. Put in a direct way, it is best to freeze your incredulity in the grotesque and ludicrously odd actions and simply surrender to the amusement of the scenes.

Hey its not that his stunts are goosy, trite characterizations, he applies the laws in a way that we would not have thought about. If you don't believe me, just check the snapshot below for an abstract application of the famous Pythagoras Theorem.

I have not seen many of his movies but what I hear is that in Rajni's movies, reason sleeps. So what? It's the same in many of the Hollywood and Bollywood movies too. That they never get the science right is almost beside the point, movies are a mode of entertainment and art and if this medium succeeds by tapping the power of transcend to explore the relationship between human beings and technology and provides amusement to the target audience, that's perfectly Ok. Methinks so.

Rajni is an accomplished craftsman and what most distinguishes him from his contemporaries is his imagination, his vision to fuse all the disparate elements of filmmaking into whole new worlds and most importantly his ability to understand his target audience and touch their hearts.

If you do not believe me, check this.

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At 10:57 AM, Blogger Sur said...

he he, much has been said abt Rajni before, but still enjoyed ur post and the pics. Not to say that I totally enjoy his antics, that guy sure has charisma. That reminds me, that I am yet to watch Sivaji.


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