Monday, December 10, 2007

A Simple Click...

Sometimes living in a city is like operating a machine, that's become comfortable, functional and yet a little cynical at times. And in the midst of this routine life, all of us come across some moments that are a little less meaningful and a little more expensive every year. I sternly believe that the finer points of life comes to us when we are least expecting them.

A couple of days back, a couple of my friends rushed to a restaurant for an unplanned late dinner. We were sitting in the open around ten at night, as the eating place lime-washed to a lambent white and planted firmly on a cover of neatly manicured grass was packed with guests. The moon dangled in the night sky, tossing among the silent clouds. The mild cold wind whistled and it felt vaporific to sit there with hot soups in front of us. Add to this was a wide assortment of desi and western cuisine.

As we were having food and chattering among ourselves, my deemag ka LCD suddenly exposed a hole in my vision. The cushy music in the background and the chillness of the night totted to the appeals of the senses, something called imagery. I found a threesome in a nearby camp in reverie over a glass of wine and lost in a deep discussion. The click of my shutter apparently caught on to it, or maybe the wind carried that to me.

Finer points, as I say again comes when meaningless appearances and disappearances tickle us when we least expect them...Baas aapna camera ready rakho and abide by temporal's words of wisdom on wineism.

Keep reading and remain connected.

(This pic was taken in a restaurant when I was experimenting with my friend's camera.)

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At 4:11 PM, Blogger Anupama Kondayya said...

Beautiful picture!...and yes I agree with what you and its insights catch us unaware most of the time.


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