Sunday, December 30, 2007

Meri Camera Ki Dastaan...

I am sure that, whether you are in India or abroad in any foreign land, you would have come across advertisement from MasterCard which centers on pricelessness. All the ADs concentrates on few priceless moments and they sell us our own deepest values by softly coupling those to selling commodities. For example, you can't experience the priceless value of having taken the most bright sun rays near North Pole, with your digi-cam. Often, it seems, the 'priceless, moment has a considerable price, something kind of an intangible asset. Why I am talking about a digi-cam here, well that's the crux of this post.

I had got a Canon S2 IS about two and half years back from Singapore, my first investment in the digi-cam series and that's when my love with digi-cam started. Prior to this, I used to dabble with my Nikon F65, the film camera and a Pentax click click one. Often I used the digi-cams, which my friends had. The Canon S2 IS was handy for me during my visit to various places and while traveling. Using this camera, I had captured many moments, but then suddenly when, this camera exhibited some signs of malfunctioning, I felt a bit uneasy.

Well, I agree after all it's a camera, a mechanical gadget and chances are high that it would demonstrate dysfunctional symptoms after regular usage. But then, kya kaare dil nahi manta, as it braced me in the snow, in the rain, in the windy nights, and during the gloomy days too. It was like the magical wand, like the kind that incites one to capture every possible shot, there's no seeing past the end of one's lens. When it lets up, the possibilities are endless. So I made all attempts to make sure that the camera was again back in form. The CCD of the camera used to go blank at regular intervals and the flash never got triggered when the light was dull.

I visited few sites online and was able to track the Canon Care Center, the authorized repairing station or shop where I was sure to get the best service or treatment for my ailed camera. The technicians at the center examined the camera and recommended that since the parts for repair were not available with them, they would send it to Canon's head office in India at Delhi. I had carried the necessary documents provided to me during the time of purchase and also the warranty card. The technician informed me that he would inform me after 2-3 weeks and on his confirmation call, I could come and collect my piece after repair.

Days passed by and suddenly one day when I was busy at my roozi rooti center, I got a call. It went like this.

'This is Mr.XYZ from Canon Care Center. Please refer to the invoice number ABC, I just want to confirm that since the parts are not available in the Canon's head office at Delhi, the company has asked us to replace the misfunction camera with a new model. It's a Canon S5 IS for you. Please come and collect the same from the shop.'

It took me a while to digest this, was I in my dreams or was it stark reality. Was I stargazing because I was offered a brand new camera of an upgraded model, even though I was outside the warranty period?

A couple of days later, after I had got the call I went to the store to collect my camera. I inquired the technician about the details of the case. That gentleman replied me that Canon officials gave instructions to deliver me a brand new camera as the components of Canon S2 IS were not available. I was both charged up and emotional at the same time. Charged up because, I got a new camera of better configuration and features and emotional as I was parting with my Canon S2 IS, as it couldn’t be cured of its ailments.

I am trying to perch my fingers over the buttons of my new camera but feel it would take a while by when my fingerbreadths would flow effortlessly over the new contours.

Keep reading and remain connected.

(If you didn't get the word, 'Dastaan' one of the words in the title of the post. Well 'Dastaan' is an Urdu word that means a tale or a fable. Also in 1972 a Hindi flick by the name 'Dastaan' was made by B. R. Chopra.)

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At 3:58 PM, Blogger Sur said...

Great that you got a new upgraded model, says a lot about the service of Canon. But certainly there is always an attachment with your first cam, which a new cam can't replace. But anyways even the S5 IS is not gonna stay with u for long after the DSLR arrives. ;)

At 9:24 PM, Blogger Dinakar KR said...

Kudos to Canon! Good luck to you!

At 2:35 PM, Anonymous AJ said...

That is a really different customer service. An upgraded model for an out of warranty model.. Wow..

Congratulations.. Well now you gotta post lots of sharper pics :)


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