Friday, December 02, 2005

Just another day….

A blog before I start my day at work ...

A friend / colleague of mine used to say hello to me all the time . No matter what frame of mind I was in, whenever she uttered those little words I'd always crack a huge smile. The greeting never ceased to make me chuckle no matter what was happening at the moment. Today is her B’day, she is an absolute techie despite her very conservative, preppy and athletic demeanour. What wonders me is the great elan with which she manages her and kid.

Meanwhile back at my own farm of brain dust, in the midst of some excruciating technical difficulties while making some last minute solution designs, I took a quickie respite yesterday and had been out to have food as one of my friends is leaving for UK on an implementation project for a government firm. I am drawn to people who live in other countries more than those who reside in the same planetary unit and who make regular updates in my comments list. My cerebral drug of choice is international. Hmm... what does that say about me? It's not too obvious I think that way; just look at my blogroll. It's my own little United Nations of bloggers (desis + indians) :-)

Today good to see a mail from Manabendra after a long time and he said he is going to be in Arizona for long as he had some flop shows during the course of his grad life there. The mail was nostalgic in the sense anytime he drafts a mail it is peppered with the good old school days and his crush since standard six. I know old habits die-hard. Funny, I thought I was alone in that thought and was happy to learn I wasn't, and so-and-so. Hey don’t impinge of my personal domain.

I've a couple of friends who, after many, many years of friendship, are in touch on a regular basis via email and telephone. I am lucky that none of them suffers from allaboutmeitis and they are the same since the days I know them. Unfortunately or fortunately I happen to be a very good listener (most of the time) and can easily recite back something I was told 10 years ago. So I can't very well put 100 percent blame on the other person; okay, 98 percent is their fault. :-) Learning how to listen and doing it extremely well also has a detrimental effect. I tend not to talk about myself at all and if I do, its form is quickie sound bites unless the other person is particularly crafty about pressing me for more. Even if they try to get more, I'm quite adept at turning the conversation back to focusing on them. That's where my two percent of blame comes into play.

So, what's the point here? I suppose for myself it's a damned if you do/damned if you don't thing, but this post isn't about me. (Of course not. That would illustrate that, do I suffer from from allaboutmeitis?). Okay, I'm off to my work now and hope that nothing crops up for the weekend.

Seems Nandu and Prashant are having a nice time, one applauding the other and they are going in sync @Ohio. Prashant seems to be in hibernation with his old man type humor and gyan sessions and hope to see him here. More to come, remainconnected.
Good that at least the blog was able to start a conversation…

Weekends more to come...


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