Monday, November 21, 2005

A Dull and hectic week.

Sunday night I completed reading the book"The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari" which was long pending even though I had fever but wanted a break after working for long hours on weekend at office.Life for me is hell with loads of work in office and even though I had and have fever now am pulling on somehow. Now coming to the book,it says we think around 60,000 thoughts a day,I seriously doubt if it is THIS high a number. So, among these if we take out one or two thoughts and put them down in writing, knowingly or unknowingly, we are flagging those particular thoughts. It argues that it is scientifically proven that these flagged thoughts are much more powerful than the others.

Not long ago, my friends and I were discussing about the very same topic. One of my friends strongly felt that when a word is written (or for that matter blogged,it has a completely different effect on oneself). Another friend and I went a bit deeper into this premise, understanding what happens when we actually write. When we write we give structure to our thoughts. We sequence our thoughts, sometimes with absolute logic. This structuring and sequencing of thoughts we believe sets the flag for thoughts rather than the physical form of writing. I work for the tech firm and at an age of 25 when we should be bubbling with ideas to do something I find people thinking too much about money and stuff. Well no comments though as the thinking pattern varies from person to person.

The book asks us to write in a notebook, whatever we want to become, look at it everyday, blah blah blah and stuff. One of my friends came up with an idea simpler than this... Just think, how many times or how long do you think before typing your frequently used passwords? I get so mechanical - I dont ever think what my password is. Guess his idea should work... Put whatever you want to achieve into a single word or a simple phrase and use it as your password! So, whenever you login to your account, a reinforcement is done. Whether you like it or not, the word becomes part of your subconscious mind and then possibly your identity.I have done that and I don’t know I have used this single word as my password for all my accounts and that is who/what is a mystery, an entity now across seven seas.

It also uses words like 'strategy', 'tools', 'techniques', etc. I hate to see these words on self improvement books. I do NOT believe that something which worked in one case will work in all cases. Those actions given in the books are mere suggestions, they are not strategies,something kind of repetitive content in a different flavour. Other than that, it has been nothing like a great reading experience with this book. I had no deep inclination to read this book but read it as I had heard lot of reviews on the book,else I don’t read these self improvement books.

So, have I started putting down my goals of life on paper and started reinforcing myself with it everyday? Naaah... I dont even know what my life's objectives in clear defined form but have big dreams. I know that I don't know but yet I know what I exactly want. It sounds a bit confusing but this by itself is enlightenment, according to Socrates.

My short term goal for now is to make this project which is a critical one all the very successful after having given so much to it for the last 4 months and it was a great learning curve working with the Chinese and the Japanese. I feel this week is also going to be hectic and somehow I have got “ Freakonomics” and am planning to start that soon. My preparation for a test in December has taken a back seat but am planning to accelerate from today,need to have long nightouts after office and that will keep my coffee machine at home busy.

I am also looking forward to meet lot many junta soon all coming from US after close to two years, Vidya,Shanks and Shilpa. All three special people in my life and the last one all the more special as she is my sister and its her wedding soon.

Have plans to blog more on "namma banguluru" and more just need some quality time,will do that soon.

Remain Connected !!!!


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