Thursday, November 10, 2005

Someone to talk to...

Meandering through wilderness...floating like a formless cirrus, I look for an iota of peace and love. I seem to be racing against myself, living on a zero gravity plane, breathing in vacuuming middle of my race to eternity, my struggle for survival, I miss having someone to talk to. Someone I could just have a conversation with on a cup of coffee in a cafe or just simply in the terrace of my house.

I am not a loner but sometimes the silence in my room is just odd, that’s when I can hear my own heart beat, and feel wetness around my eyes. You see, I live in a world of constant activity that puts its demands on you, which in turn constrains you at times. It’s a materialistic world, where I must conform. I am not a good people’s man I feel, neither an extrovert nor an introvert but those whom I know or like, I just speak my heart. I must be on good a term with almost everyone around, that’s life (this is what people say). I must perform and I love to give my best in what I do. And when at times life puts you at certain crossroads, I yearn to be in the presence of someone I can talk to and just immerse myself in the tranquility of no activity!!!

Somehow the more unreal my world has become, the more I yearn to get in touch with reality. I want to reconnect with emotion of togetherness and understanding. I want to go back to absolute innocence. I want to dream and make some change in life of those who deserve it. I want to have someone to whom I can talk anytime anything, it’s a 24/7 kind of service and to whom I can open out as mine with my share of pluses and minuses. Someone who's presence reassures me and who I would care for no matter what. Someone who I could cry ashamedly before and who could just be there. Someone to share cups of coffees and talk to me on phone/chat or give me company when I am glued to my laptop for hours.

I still miss the half-cut chai and newspaper reading in the nearby neighbourhood make shift stall.... two of my everyday essentials...and at times the immaculateness of crescent on a starry night. And maa too, just everything about her. Now that am on a timeless journey, I wait for days when I shall work out my dreams and am just making a humble attempt in that direction...All I need is someone to talk to....

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At 7:10 AM, Blogger Nandya said...

a little depressing...put me in a blue mood esp the second paragraph...come on where's the tanay who wouldnt be afraid to bite a chunk of human skin of his roommates hand...U CANNIBAL....ha ha ha

u know for eps ppl like u there are making tofu with the human skin colour to satiate the cannibal inside all of us


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