Saturday, November 19, 2005

Kutti’s birthday

Its was Kutti’s birthday two days back. Fourth straight one away from family. birthdays in India were like any other day. We did not have parties where many friends would be invited and neither did I go out with my friends when I was old enough to do that and even today in Bangalore. Just that I wish all others do enjoy their B’days well.

Infact , I did not like anyone but my close friends knowing when my birthday was. Nothing irritated me more than a bunch of people singing Happy Birthday . I don't know why but I never liked being the centre of attraction on my birthday. I preferred it being very simple with a small number of people.

Birthdays was something which I got used to once I entered to my grad school and I still remember that those were marked by bums and kicks and it was fun . Birthdays anniversaries were all an excuse for us to eat cake.

Hope kutti you had a nice B’day with your friends out there in Florida. Well I like cakes better and I like my room mates too, but all the cakes in the world cannot make up for the absence of people like you when we had birthdays in our own way,this is one reason I hate birthdays. Makes me unbearably home sick. Makes me wish I was some place else. I mean no offence to my friends or room mates though. It is just that the home sickness is amplified.

Its my friend Kutti's birthday too. I felt like calling him before leaving for office and when I was stuck in the traffic and was gazing out of my car,I was able to recollect the good old college B’days. We were best friends and classmates in grad school and even after that and I thought I was being funny when I told him my birthday happened to be the same as his. We always forget to wish each other and all these years I’ve been the one to wish him first, some 3 days after the birthday. He beat me this time even though in a taunting tone and it was supported by Nandu, the curator of snakes now in Ohio Univ. Now thats something. Happy birthday Kutti. I am sure you are going to crack something great in your project with Boeing,remember the days when we used to make night outs to make "Aero Tech Paper" and it was Intel Technologies who saw something in our idea and we did it in the end. Keep doing that.

This week was hectic and I am carrying on with extra dosage of work at office. But good to see your mails and messages.It was also nice to have spoken to someone who is in Calif now after the chords were broken apart for sometime.

Remain connected !!!


At 10:28 PM, Blogger Kutti said...

Thanks. There was no taunting. I was just being my self :-p.

Dekha nandu usne mera bhi b'day yaad rakha :-)). now u cannot say he only remembers Deepa' know what i mean??... lol


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