Monday, November 14, 2005

Happy Birthday,

Deepa,and thanks for being an extra special person and also my friend. May all your birthday wishes come true and I think you still owe me a birthday present, so yours is going to have to wait until you catch up. Better hurry, January is coming faster than you think, you don't want to fall further behind with lot of shopping fest round the corner. Hey just kidding, don’t get serious on this.You know for me B'day is just another day.

I know you for sometime and am friends for a long time. I wanna take this special day, your special day, to wish you the most wonderful birthday today and tomorrow and the next day and the next month and the next year and many many years to come. I also wanna thank you for your friendship all these while. Last year during the same time I was not in India, was working on the client site @ Scotland but still I did remember your B'day it was special and good that we met after I was back. The reason I wished you and always wish good for you is because of your "bandanas" attitude, whether you are on high spirit or down you are always the same.

Hey,dont think I am writing this for the heck of it, but good to talk to you on and off on phone and probably you are one of the rarest few who lend a ear and listen to my crap.Oyee thanks again that when I was down a few days back for something I was repenting a lot, you just called up and said "it was just a test and you can make it next time and that happens". I salute your maturity and also the ease with which you make sound things. Lend me something of this great quality of yours.

I had "work". I spent the long hours at office working furiously as if I were turning the whole world upside down. I had to get my work done- my project, objects and product delivered. I had no care for the people who needed me. It was my project, my job, my career and I. what a stupid moron I was........But when I talk to you,I feel you make things so easy.I know you are also of the same nerd brand making Texas Instruments rich day by day.Deepa,please transfer to me a little share of your processor brain.Well to all those who think why I am asking this is because she hails from the portals of IIT Chennai,from my batch but she is ultra modest and down to earth...For a day today atleast in the evening go home early and enjoy some time instead of processing some complex algorithm in your mind.

Hey I spent 20 minutes of my time to write this blog for you as I got an alert on my mail box ( so you have to do something for me.Treat pending and this time I will decide the place..

Chao..till I post next time and it would be on "namma bangaluru".


At 3:13 AM, Blogger Nandya said...

Deepa Happy Birthday...!!! :)

Tanay mera bday to bhool gaya ...deepa weepa ka yaah rakhta hai ....

At 7:22 AM, Blogger Kutti said...

sahi jaa raha hai bhidu ...

tit for tat ... waise bhi Deepa Deepa hai aur tu ...... needless to say...

In case Deepa reads this ... nevermind hum aise hi hein.... btw .... wish u a Happy b'day...... treat ke liye hum (nandu included) kaheen bhi aa sakte hein.... lol

At 7:36 AM, Blogger Nandya said...

ha ha kutti...yup same sentiments echoed here too...aur tanay beta...yaad se humein bhi treat dena...theek hain


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