Friday, November 11, 2005

A walk in the neighbourhood park.

As I walk down the park nearby my house in Kormangala, 4th Block behind Rajeha Apartments, several thoughts reel through my mind. I play the silent observing onlooker.

A three year old is swinging carelessly on a swing that seems to charm children, men, women and the elderly alike. Accompanied by her dadda and daddi this sweet cute angel dressed in her white dress, looks like darling of her grand parents. Dadda revels in telling her stories, giving push to her swing and holding her tiny hands through the pathways. Even the daddi is enjoying the joyous moment.

Just behind them is a train of parents waiting for their kids turn on the swing. They are really contended out of bliss of watching their child giggle innocently than parental duty. And in the process of doing so they have turned into children themselves. I can’t help but wonder if happiness is so very simple, why is that people sought out for it and they say it’s all evasive.

As I was seeing all this, I entered a little bit further to the deep interiors, which is shaded by luxurious trees with concrete benches under its canopy. I saw a gang of college students, four in number on a total enjoyment trip. Fiercely protective of my privacy, I questioned one among them in a heavy tone as to why they were in a revelry mood. To my amazement, one polite fellow in the gang who seemed curious about my activity observing spoke to me. He apologised in no time and introduced himself as someone who is a second year engineering student. Innocently he confessed that they are out for birthday bash of one of their close friends and doing so "secretly" - their parents don’t approve of smoking or drinking and they wanted to enjoy it in their own style. How candid can a stranger be!. Next he talked to me about his ambition of making it big in the IT and tech profession. True to my nature I felt yes, these students do dream and so do I and we share something in common.A tremendously strong blow of wind gushes past my hair engulfing in its circumference half dead randomly scattered leaves of banyan.’ Radio City 91FM' is playing hummable tunes, I hear a diminished scattered version of "Mere sapno ki rani kab aayegi tu...”

"Abhi nahi jayenge ghar" yells scornfully a boy amongst the group of four I talked about earlier. I hear the underlying rebellion and resistance from rules and discipline our folks impose on us. Families here demonstrated abiding togetherness and hedonistic spirit. I rejoice silently in their simple pleasures. I tread towards the exit gate winding up myself from the shade of this moss laden banyan tree that guarded me majestically from sunshine. I never want to let my zest die.

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At 8:17 PM, Blogger Nandya said...

Tanay ....hmm....whats up dude..its very beautifully written and expressed...havent had time to read all but will get to them...check my blog out and read the first two entries all are very flippant and timepass

At 11:20 AM, Blogger Kutti said...

# Tanay
Pensive should I say? ... as a first thought they look lines from an innocent bystander or do they come from something deeper within? ... And I thought I was the one getting serious with time ... :-p

At 9:54 PM, Blogger Nandya said...

kutti aur tanay...kidhar ho bhai...koi response hi nahi hain


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