Sunday, January 27, 2008

Djokovic and his onstage didoes...

How does it sound, when the action on the field is peppered with some histrionic gestures to entertain people? I remember those days when I was in my school, Andre Agassi was rocking in the tennis arena. When this lad had embarked his career, he was a duckie among his female fans. The only sonny boy with neon-colored clothing, a face with untrimmed beard, ear rings dangling from pierced ears, and long blonde hair. He was one of those players who had a flair for apparels of outlandish colors, contrary to the prototype 'white guy in white shorts' tennis player. But with time, this chap matured and ruled the game for a long while.

Now those of you have been following this year's Australian Open, would have definitely enjoyed the Serb, Djokovic's gimmicks on stage after his solid victory over Benjamin Becker in the first round. Upon a request from a television commentator, Djokovic aged 20 and seeded third in today’s World rankings, got into his acting shoes and mimicked, Maria Sharapova much to the fancy of the spectatators. There were few female fans who had gone ga ga with this act and the crowd gave him a standing ovation.

In portraying the Russian cover girl leggy, he primps before serving, hitching up his baggy shorts and imitates her habit of gently brushing her long, blond hair behind each ear. This expression is comical and risible.

But then just to make sure that people and the crowd do not interpret this otherwise, Djokovic says this.
"I didn't (want to do an impersonation) because there was a lot of talk in the last couple months about me doing these impersonations," he told reporters. "I wasn't really trying to make fun of anybody or offend anybody. I'm not trying to be different; just trying to enjoy. That's all." I didn't want to get more of these (negative) comments by doing again the impersonations. People made me do it, so...

"It's good that I just did Maria. I didn't want to do any of the other tennis players. She doesn't mind -- she'd okay with it."
Djokovic is well known for his mimicry, and has done impersonations of others like Rafael Nadal, Andy Roddick and Roger Federer. This chap is brilliant and he mixes the game with some dosages of funny acts, as I can make out, it's more from an entertainment perspective, with no intention to hurt, traduce or malign someone.

But this girl Sharapova is really a good sport and didn't add too much of mirch masala to all these merriment and took it in the right spirit.
Sharapova then called the Djokovic act "kinda boring," adding: "He's got his own little thing going on. So let him do it, I'm sure you guys are going to get bored of it. But it's fun any time you can get some entertainers out there."
Then in the true ishtyle, this dame trounced everything on her way. "Champions take chances, and pressure is a privilege," Billie Jean King had written in a text message that Sharapova saw when she woke up, the day before she entered the court for the Australian Open final. In the end, this lass beat fourth seed Ana Ivanovic, 7-5, 6-3, on Saturday for her third Grand Slam title.

Oyee Djokovic, tu meri mazaak udda raha tha na, dekh mere paas aab kya hai :).

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