Wednesday, August 08, 2007

To Err Is Human...

To Err is Human...But we need to take this obiter dictum with a pinch of salt. Now if Sanju Baba goes ahead and files a petition with the Supreme Court that it was an error on his part, and he never had any ill or minatory intentions. His possession of AK-56 rifle, a pistol and other ammunitions was accidental, or that he had been tricked, foxed or flim-flammed. Then its an eye wash. He was quite mature and was well off an age in 1993, in his mid 30's. Yes, Sanju Baba 'To Err is Human' but then its more human to accept a mistake blatantly.

"Sir, I made a mistake 14 years ago. Please give me some time to surrender," a visibly shocked Dutt pleaded in court with folded hands after his hopes of being set free under the Probation of Offenders Act were dashed.

But what has this innocuous child done. To this chap, 'To Err is Human', his first accident...but his last shoulder ride. Only if daddy or papa doesn't mind next time.

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Pics : Sanju Baba's pic is from Rediff, the the chap's pic was a forward from a friend in an email.

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