Saturday, July 21, 2007

Rain and Life...

Today late evening I was sitting in my room and there is a window that oversees the world out there. It was one of those dull and gloomy evenings when it suddenly starts to rain cats and dogs and everything is back to normal in one hour's time.
From my room's window, I was able to take this pic.

I then jumped out into the rain, let my ass off, from my cushioned chair and this is what I see. Two people waiting in the rain and requesting every other autowala that passes by but no-one listens to their request.

Again I step just 50 meters, and I come across these two people, their actions fortifying the typical Hindi senti dialogue 'Tu Hi Mera Saacha Yaar' . Isn’t it? Note one important facet, when in rain you find more couples always under the umbrella, this is a common phenomenon. Couples in all permutations and combinations, male-female, female-female, male-male, am I missing some other combination here or is all done :). I just mentioned all that I have seen.

The sharp showers continued for a while and on the road met these two laborers who were returning home in the rain. Human feelings have always been closely tied to the moods and expressions of nature. To some, the rains bring life, to others, they bring the threat of death and to fight for life as the only cover over their heads may crumble in the rain. I felt the same for these laborers. Also vehicular traffic was disrupted at several places owing to flooded streets and low visibility.

And I did this for what you know, for this. Sit in a coffee/tea shop, with a hot coffee/tea and see the life on the move. It's awesome, that's it. The unique silences before great rains give a feeling of excitement, and the non-quantifiable immeasurable peace following them leave a feeling of bliss, satisfaction and contentment, as though a great pent-up pressure had been released. The smells of the damp soils freshens the air. You get what I mean.

Few more posts on moods and daily life as you and me see in rain coming soon with pics shot in rain.

Keep reading and remain connected.

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At 10:58 PM, Anonymous Amrita said...

I think that first one is my favorite.

At 4:08 PM, Blogger small squirrel said...

nice post. rain makes me senti.. but last night it made me crib about leaks in my rented flat. LOL

first pic reminds me of something I took a couple years back in Italy.

At 11:53 AM, Blogger remainconnected said...

@amrita: wait for the rain pics, guess you would like it :)

@ss: about the leak in the flat, that's ok ss..just dig in a deep and think what was it for, there was some invisible force that wanted to bless you with the pure fresh drops..don't you think that's an alternate interpretation :) that's a perfect on flickr, was that tree the habitat of any squirrel, hehe..take care

At 12:06 PM, Blogger Sur said...

wow! nice pics! but still waiting for that beggar photo.
You know what I like best about the rain, the smell of the damp soil, that is the best ever fragrance that existed on this earth.

At 11:15 PM, Blogger call me Abdul said...

thanks for the pictures mate :)


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