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Make Your Trip, Hazar Rupaiya Aur Dush Manzilain.....

There is a series called the Globe Trekker telecast on Discovery Travel and Living which is based on adventure tourism. Since I follow this series often, I know that this is very popular in over 40 countries across the globe.

I always envy the principal host in each episode whose job is to travel with a camera crew to a country or a new location and experience the sights, sounds, and culture that the location has to offer. The show often extends beyond being a travelogue and delivers viewers a more bona fide look at local culture in the what-you-see-what-you-show format. The hosts of the show indulge themselves in the different aspects of regional life, social life and to put it short they live life with the locals their way without any rehearsed sequences.

Well few among us can aspire for it but whether it would materialise or not is another question. But yesterday I read a blog posted by my blog mate Anita Bora, one of the best photographers I have met and she posted about something 'crazy-yet-exciting'. What is it?

'Make Your Trip' can be touted as a variant of the Globe Trekker in a toned down version but its not phirang-phoren land centric but apna-desh, 'India' centric. It is an event in which a team needs to spend Rs.1000 and cover 10 destinations in a stipulated time frame. This is definitely going to be a challenge and would involve lots of planning in terms of expending techniques while on travel. This is for folks who are die-hard backpackers, overzealous travelers, shutterbug smitten, avid bloggers and those who want to explore the true colors of India and relish its undying spirit.

This initiative is brainchild of Sathish K, who is supported in his endeavor by a group of itchy feet enthusiasts. Check here for the details and other nitty-gritty.

The rules of the game are:
1. Each team consists of two members.
2. Each person is allowed Rs. 1000 and a backpack.
3. Participants are allowed to carry extra money, but are not encouraged to use it unless they are in some deep trouble.
4. Remotest village in a state is a must visit. Farther the distance of travel from starting point more the fun.

As planned for now the dates are as below:
Start Date: 10th June 2007 Morning (Sunday)
End Date : 24th June 2007 evening (Sunday)

The start and the end point should be the same and the participating team may decide the start point. For example, one team that starts from M.G. Road Bangalore has to end its journey on the same place.

In the course of this encyclopedic tour, each team can take pictures, shoot videos, spoil themselves with the local authentic cuisine, dance and participate in the local functions, and of course can scribble about their experiences. I feel it would be more fun if the team can make the post on-line live each day then and there, but this is going to be an arduous task. This is because, the team has a constraint on finance and in India in most of the places, the Internet caf├ęs/parlors charge a bare minimum of Rs.10 per hour for sure. In that scenario the teams, on their return to their home destinations can turn the taped noises they got in the water, a hidden animal found in the soul, and anything and everything that resonates in the mind from the travel into memorable, unforgettable stories.

Well this part of the game shouldn't deter the decision you have already taken. For now there are no winners or no big prizes. It's a bloggers initiative and the idea behind this is to explore India for the sheer thrill and excitement of it. The people who conceived this initiative are trying their level best for sponsorships. Anyone who is interested to provide new implementable ideas or who is ready to offer some sort of sponsorship can reach Sathish.K at [k.sathish at]

So get ready, pack your bags, clean your hiking shoes/sneakers and join the game. Yup just jump in. Also pass on this message and about this event to your friends and other adventure and travel freaks.

Latest update as of 24th May'07 : Sathish has managed to get sponsorship from, an online travel community who will be sponsoring the Rs.1000 per team and also t-shirts for the participants. But all these things doesn't come for free, of course, photos/videos will be expected at the end of the journey.

Keep reading and remain connected.

[Note: Both the pics in this post are taken by Anita Bora]

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hey thanks for the post, tanay. am sure sathish will appreciate it!


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