Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Privacy Ke Watt Lag Gaye

This kind of information or some variant of this appears in many a websites.

If you give us your e-mail address or login to our site, we will not share it with anyone without your express permission. If you do any transaction, or buy anything online through our website, blah blah......we will not share any information about you with anyone. If at any point you want us to remove your e-mail address from our files or database, just send us an e-mail to that effect. We would do the needful. This is called privacy policy in the e-world which is meticulously mentioned in sites, whether it is followed or not is an interesting question.

May be it works, may be it doesn't in the e-world. Poof! It'll be history.
But here [in the pic] this definitely doesn't work. Privacy aside, this just doesn't work both technically and functionally. Any doubts ;)

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