Saturday, September 01, 2007

A small orifice.........(candle light)

The room was dark
Candlelight gleaming in my room.
It's effulgence drapes my face,
Asking me about my perfections,
my imperfections..

C'mon share with me
Your glorious hopes
and aspirations,
Your discordant views
and states of reverie.
The rays are mellifluous
and forgiving.

It hovers over the waves of passion,
even though the caboodle of wax
has subsumed grief of every form.

Still it reveals in its entombment,
The sparkle of renewed innocence.

Also, today while reading the newspaper, I just flipped across the news, that it was Princess Diana's, 10th death anniversary. There were familiar scenes clusters of wilting flowers propped against the fence, memorable poems, the sniffles, yet another replaying of Elton John's reworked 'Candle in the Wind' in the honour of one of the most charismatic and enigmatic ladies of our times. But in the end, UK still fractured by 10 years of grief and accusations over a dead princess showed signs of moving on.

Keep reading and remain connected.

[All the pics taken in darkess, when there was power failure a couple of days back.]

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