Friday, March 16, 2007

Music Majja Madi

Wow, what fun to hear lots of music and just the fine tune, the type you feel like hearing. Pick a genre and then the mood energetic or calm and then the shade, dark or positive, what I meant was choosing from platter what so ever you like in this pretty extensive collection. At least in the World Music and Latino, I explored, I was pretty much impressed.

What am I talking about? This is nothing but a web-based custom application streaming music radio, capable of satisfying the music taste and mood of just about anyone called Musicovery. Check it here.

What is good about the this application is the way it has been presented and looks like an Apple Ipod to a certain extent for its user interface as far as the look and feel is concerned. To add to it, a selection on a particular genre opens up typically like the rangoli, with the splosh, the spill, the splatter, the splash, the squish of colors, each color denoting the aesthetic appeal of the experience with a pulsating matrix format.

Some of the thanda thanda cool cool features of this application, which I tried myself, are as follows.

  • Each time you change your preferences in the navigation bar the music selector jumps across the screen and plays another song. The best feature is that the music flows effortlessly without any disruption or interruption and having CD music sound clarity. With a good Internet connection there's no lag or song loading time, so you can expect smooth listening from start to finish. This is one of the smartest features of the application.
  • To me it’s something of a blurred interface between an interactive toy and radio, of course for the better. If you see the navigator bar, there is a time frame and you can set it according to your taste and let the music soothe your mood. Find new songs and play with different styles of music. It isn't really a game, but it's got the same sense of exploration and fun free flowing on the Internet. I don’t need to save songs and waste my disk space.
  • On the flip side, Musicovery plays songs in a noticeable Lo-Fi format (for any user free for cost), reserving the better quality for paid users. Subscriptions are reasonably priced but the registration process is befuddling and points at a number of hidden sign-up fees indirectly. I didn’t see it further beyond the initial list of points, as I am better to stick with the free version and enjoy the thrill of musical exploration and its free harvest.
Free tip in Ek Lo Ek Muft ishtyle (can do that gracefully for the music listeners): For a really interesting experience and a curious mind, try un-checking the "hit" box and checking "discovery". You'll unravel a treasure trove, a mine of obscure bands you just might learn to love.

The masterminds for this application are Frederic Vavrille and Vincent Castaignet. To have a detailed cook book approach to the know-hows of this application, the pros and cons, the business model, etc, check here.

Freaking Awesome, isn’t it and go here and enjoy. Next time you listen to any number, do let me know so that I can gauge which mood you are in. Will you ?

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