Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Interface Space

You probably spend long hours a day staring at the computer/laptop screen — working, blogging, chatting, talking to friends, e-shopping, e-banking, blah blah blah....... With so many creative people spending so much time on their computers it is no surprise that the computer interface itself has become source material for ideas. It’s the sheet that one uses to make the optimal use of the "left side" and the "right side" of the brain. Daily immersion in a two-dimensional space has raised an intriguing question that many people can’t resist: what is the physicality of the creativity and how do I add a third-dimension to it? This concept I feel is applicable in all spheres of life, be it at home, in the classroom, at work place or for-that-matter anywhere. Just that the tint, shade or tone of the third-dimension takes a new perspective, like it varies from what it means to an engineer, to a writer, to a doctor, or an artist, etc.

The ubiquitous interface experience has created a symbiosis between the metaphorical space of technology, ideas and the physical world.

I got an email from one of my friends, Mo who is pursuing her MBA in the US and she sent me this interesting pic. This is a magnificent piece of smart ADs involving the combination of real people and intelligently placed photos to attract immediate attention.

There's a lot of ways to promote a magazine. Some strikingly unconventional than others. With the tagline "Let us keep on dreaming of a better world," which, funnily sounds like some old hippy song. The pictorial graphics portrays a woman as is visualized inside the fantasy-laden mind of a man. This is a promotion for Belgian magazine,Che.

I think it is fun if viewed without the lenses of one's politically correct glasses and the person who created this definitely has lots of humor and uses his/her grey cells for some of the most original creative expressions and witticism.

I also read an interesting post, while searching for an online bookstore on the Internet and learnt a new form of art. Have you ever wondered that you can create a photo-mosaic of a lot many things of your interest using book-covers using a simple step-by-step process? Check more here.

Did you like it or you didn’t, adding a third dimension to the two dimensional life?

Keep reading and remain connected.

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