Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Re-live in History "Bangaluru"

I got an e-mail from one of my friends,Juhi now an ISB'ian and who will don into the corporate world again after she had left the gang a year back for her MBA.Juhi you can't leave "Bangaluru" as now also as history says you are back to square one after your one year break. Kudos to you on your new job offer and keep shining in life.

Tighten your belts and get ready to board the time machine.

Welcome back into the past. Here are some images of Bangalore, generations old, that are apparently lost in the pages of history.Come, travel with me back in time to the Bangalore in the days of the Raj, when it was still a small cantonment town. the year was 1946.The place, "Namma Bangaluru".

Does this frame look familiar ? It should.
This is the BRIGADE ROAD.The left hand side building is still standing, and housed the Ashok Electricals, the Post Office, now it is the LEE showroom. The road hasn't got any bigger, but the traffic and the crowd definitely has.

Here's the SOUTH PARADE road,any guesses what it is called now ?
The famed M.G. ROAD. Yeah. The building you are seeing is the Higginbothams bookstore, which looks dilapidated on the present day.

This picture is of Hosur Road. The present day way to Electronics City,the epicenter of IT and BPO.

This is the Mayo hall. It sure looks much more regal than what it does today. It houses the Courts and was apparently also one of the main Police Station jails. I do not beleive that the staircase shown in the picture still exists, and the view is supposedly that from Residency Road, only after taking a print out will one be able to compare because the building is so symmetrical.

Mark !!! The licence plate shows BAN565 suggests that there were under 1000 cars in Bangalore in 1946 or in the entire state(then known as the state of Mysore.)

If you are in Bangalore and happen to like ice-creams and coffee and there are few places that you can visit.In few of the "Corner House" (ice-cream/coffee shops with a nice vintage touch)or in the "G K Vale" photography studio you can find these pictures and they are even framed in an elegant manner so that you just love them.Sometime back one of my friends Sujatha (Blogs Here) was upset as the petals someone gave her were preserved in between the pages of a heavy Oxford Atlas,only to find one day that she had lost portions of Europe, England, Russia and Africa.But but but my share of loss is not as vast as yours my loss is "Bangaluru".

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At 12:29 AM, Blogger Ferocious Killer Kat said...

some trivia about the name Bengalooru, which translates to "the town of boiled beans." The town got its name in the 14th century when a king, exhausted from hunting, was fed boiled beans by an early vegan outreach worker in the village where Bangalore now stands!! yoo-hoo!

At 9:02 PM, Blogger Y? said...

wow!I can't believe that is brigade road. Lovely pics. Found your blog while documenting the blank noise blogathon ..blog!!!


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