Thursday, March 09, 2006

Which one do you like?

· The first class is people who know how to think and how to think simple and according to what the people can connect to. These people realize that most problems are open to creative solution. If a problem appears in the lives of these people, their intellectual training will quickly lead them to a solution or an alternative statement of the problem. These people are the source of the most important product in today's economy – ideas. Ideas that are context+region+cost+scale sensitive. In India "McDonald’s" did the right job of showing it as another "wada pau" item.If someone happens to be in Forum Mall in B'lore on weekends you can see the imposing crowd there in front of McDonald's out-let. That's the magic of brilliant localised marketing and idea sentimentisation.

· The second class, the vast majority, is people who cannot think for themselves. I feel these people as "idea consumers" – metaphorically and technically speaking, they wander around in a gigantic open-air mall of facts and ideas. The content of their experience is provided by television, the Internet, market analysis and other data pools. These people believe collecting images and facts makes them educated and competent, and all their experiences reinforce this belief. The central, organizing principle of this class is that ideas come from somewhere else, from magical persons, geniuses, "them.".

Hey sometimes we don't have to toil hard to work out an idea.It just comes.

So which one do you like (this Bunty or Bubli OR “I looovbe It” McDonald’s Ad ) VS ( Sophisticated Pepsi Ad in which hunky John Abraham, the new Pepsi model, is trying woo his reluctant female employee for a sip of the soft drink).

Disclaimer : This doesn’t mean I don’t support globalisation. I do support every iota of it but when it comes to application of ideas in marketing and sales,then be local. Think Global Be Local.

Saw this video on ABC News. Watch it if you can,has some nice comments by few of my favourite thinkers: Friedman,CK Prahlad,Nandan Nilekani,common Indian junta and the growing Indian Youth Power.(Check the Video here)


At 10:37 AM, Blogger Kutti said...

You are close in this case but not always. I am a lil skeptical about your attribution of McD's success to the Ad. Trust me the kids in India wud still go to McD just because they have money and McD is supposedly "Hep". Don't get me wrong as I more than often give you only counter arguments. I agree with your thoughts in this case (i.e pepsi ads are hackenyed). But, don't you think sometimes global concepts have to be introduced in a new untapped market?. I do appreciate your line of thoughts as I go through your comparison.

At 1:16 PM, Blogger remainconnected said...


Arguments are arguments and I take it the right way and so I never take you wrong :-)

global concepts have to be introduced in a new untapped market : This was what you raised I agree to it but as I said the success lies if you make your global concept (context+region+cost+scale)sensitive.

Kutti,check the video I saw that just when I was getting ready for work today.


At 10:25 PM, Blogger Known Stranger said...

i have tried cooking dall with sprite , my latest crush after being here in your blog is to try bun with pepsi or coke. I am a bun lover. if i find a tea shor i need a bun with tea. next time going to try bun and pepsi.


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