Thursday, March 02, 2006

This one is for Nandya ...

Today as I was leaving for home after work, it suddenly stuck my mind that it’s the B-day of someone special and my mailbox has many mails from him but this one was special.

Hi ,

This is me with our latest acquisition....A ball python..along
with him...we have another two tarantulas that share our humble
apartment....Thats Jayanth the proud owner of these babies posing with
one of them. A feeding session consists of Crickets for the Tarantulas
and Little baby Mice for the Python.



Presumptions,assumptions and generalizations are the very bane of communication, aren’t they? (Don't tell me these are Critical Reasoning Questions). The more we assume about people, based on stereotypes, the less we give them a chance to be themselves. So much that eventually, the person you think you know is more a creation of your own conclusions rather than who they really are. A total waste of getting to know someone, that’s how I think about a person. A person should be one s/he is and be not what the world wants him/her to be.

And so often anyway, it is the exceptions that prove the rule. So isn’t it best to just let a person be, discover them for who they are, the opinions they hold and the ideas they generate.. and be pleasantly surprised at how different from the so-called norm they are? Soon enough one realizes that there is no norm in the first place. Nandu,I like you because you are no norm follower,"tu jo hai so hai" . I miss the long discussions and chumma talks which we used to have in your room late nights, especially in the final year with music in the background and a novel/book as company.

"Nandu/Gandu/PJ King/Anand/Gujju/Nandya",these are all the synonymns of a huge small moving log and on your B'day I wish you all the best in all that you do.By that way any new additions to your nickname list. Shine on and succeed in all your endeavors.

"Khuda karey ki tu sau saal jiye". Nandya (Blogs) need more postings from your blog, update it more frequently. I know your re-search work keeps you busy but then try for at least half an hour every week.

Have a nice day and remainconnected.


At 9:15 PM, Blogger Nandya said...

oh la la....a post dedicated to me.....what a suprise me got...shocking to see my ardha naga photo up on the web....ha ha ha ha....but never mind...i am an exhibitionist at heart....What can i say TANAY say THANK feeling touched..(not in the inappropriate way )...truly..miss the good old days....but surely do not miss the Gaand pe laats....i think parikshit kandpal is also celebrating his bday the same day....

ONCE AGAIN BUDDY thanks!!!!!!


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