Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Google Saree...

Scratch your head a bit and if you can recollect, just before the last cricket World Cup, there was lot of hoopla before the tournament commenced. Sad that the men in blue had an early exit, wrecking all the big dreams and investments many business and advertisement houses had vested in this event.

It was like 'saab paani maain dhool gaya' and I guess even Satya Paul had the same fate. Satya Paul, a leading brand name in India and also worldwide in association with e-Bay had plans for auctioning five exclusive sarees that were sported by Mandira Bedi. Each of these saree was special in the sense that, the theme of cricket underlined each of the design or the pattern.

Satya Paul, was born in Leigha, Muzaffargarh (now in Pakistan) and came to India at the time of partition. For many years, he worked hard with the weavers and wanted to create a global image for this usually 6 yards piece of cloth, known to us as 'saree'. In 1985 he launched the brand, Satya Paul. Later on the business baton was taken effectively by his son Puneet Nanda. Puneet, together with his friends, Jyoti Narula and Sanjay Kapoor later expanded the business.

Satya Paul is a brand that blends contemporary taste, social changes, fashion trends and art perfectly in most of its creations. Like this one which it showcased in a recent fashion show. A sooper cool saree, with Google printed on it. If you see the picture carefully, even the address bar near the shoulder part of the saree, mentions the shopping site of his designer house. Even the algorithms from the search behemoth, Google cannot escape from the charming magic of the saree. Don't you think it would be fantabulous to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful on a saree?

Possible or impossible, you decide?

The fluttering drapes that adorn the body, the mystical smile that accompanies every fold, the dreams and beauty of an Indian lady are better personified in the saree. Isn't it ? Don't get me wrong, that I against those who wear jeans, t-shirts, western formals, salwar kameez, etc. Nah nah, to each its own and I also know for a fact that different circumstances and situations commands one's dressing style/option. Wear what you are most comfortable with, no fcuking worries. Vokay.

I had to go round and round in a merry-go-round to tell you, one point. Its that the saree has its own aristocratic flavor, methinks. Deepa Krishnan, a fellow Desicritic'ian had made a wonderful post on saree sometime back.
To tell the truth, I find the draping of the saree a sensuous pleasure. That final flinging of the pallu over the shoulder, the twisting to look at your back in the mirror, the feel of crepe silk as it goes round the bare midriff - everything contributes to a subtle sensual delight even as you dress for work. The saree allows me to be feminine, to experiment with colours and jewellery, confident that no matter what kind of figure I have, this garment will help me look my best.
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(Note: The Google saree pic is taken from Flickr, and the other one from the web.)

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At 4:44 PM, Anonymous Sneh said...

saw this saree in a Satya Paul store on the groud floor of office building.
Wonder who wears this kind of stuff!!

At 12:01 PM, Blogger RAJI MUTHUKRISHNAN said...

:). Who wears sarees nowadays anyway!

At 1:31 PM, Anonymous Fashion Mantra said...

nice i like saress.thanx for sharing.


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