Thursday, May 22, 2008

Someone egged...

I read about this news on the web.
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was recently forced to duck for cover under a barrage of (three) eggs during a speech he was giving at a Hungarian University. Apparently, the disgruntled egg-tosser was angry with Ballmer for "stealing billions in Hungarian taxpayer money," which he demanded that Ballmer give back "right now".
The video is below:

Unlike his team-mate, Bill Gates, who was smashed with a cream pie on his face, a decade ago, Ballmer was attacked with eggs when addressing a group of business and technology students at Budapest's Corvinus University. I am not judging this incident from a civic behaviour lens, or display of in-appropriate mannerism for the CEO of one of the world's biggest firms. That's for the various judges to do.

My analysis giving due respect to both the attacker and the attacked is as follows.

To the attacker: Man, don't you know that today the world is overcast by food crisis and you wasted two or three eggs.

guys i think hungarian university should conduct the target throwing tests he missed badly at short distance with more than two throws how sad.

In this regard, I have two options for you to improve your accuracy in hitting the target.

a. Join, the on the field net practise sessions with the Australian and South African cricket teams and even if you throw something from say 80 metres, you would still hit the bull's eye. You know that a game of dart, won't help you in this case because the distance is less.

b. I repeat again, loss of two/three eggs meant someone in some part of the world was deprived of a fluffy omelette. Instead other options worth exploring could have been throwing chairs, microphones and other items. The attacked in that scenario would either hide under desks or escape from the scene for protection. If you feel this is blithering, do check the live action in the video below.

To the attacked: Full points to you for standing for the firm, Microsoft of which you are the CEO. I break up the word Microsoft into two components: 'micro' and 'soft'. I strongly believe that, Ballmer you really epitomise and typify the two broken up words. Note that I am just breaking the word, nothing more nothing less.

Don't you think the physiological reaction of Ballmer to the stimulus within a 'micro' second was a sooper dooper example of micro-split-second-reflex. Someone attacks a person and the attacked takes a 'micro' second to find a safe shelter behind a table.

Fine then things settle in a while, then the attacked displays the 'soft' corner of his/her personality even after the assault. That's something brilliant.

Ballmer says, "Well, that was a friendly interruption" at the end of it, and within a few seconds is back to his speech.

From what I even learnt from my news reading, later in the day, he also accepted an honorary fellowship from the university. This exhibits the 'softer' side of his persona.

Do you agree with me or you don't?

Keep reading and remain connected.

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