Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Am taking a Break

I have decided to be off blogging for sometime and this is for a reason. I’m sure this has been a surprise and sudden development. There are always times in one’s life, where, you are forced to choose between personal beliefs/likings and other aspirations/expectations/plans. I hope you’ll judge me kindly for making a quick decision.

This is a small world and I’m sure we can’t keep ourselves away from the world of blogs. (You can replace “we” with “I” and “ourselves” with “myself”, that’s how it is for me.) That’s my world and my blackboard to paint the picture of my kind. I promise, I will be back soon and will blog and share my ideas and more so we can talk and share a smile.

I will definitely miss few people who make a valuable influence, the way I think and get to know about new things. Sujatha (Blogpourri), Rashmi (Youth Curry), Kuntal (if you are in Mumbai sometime soon from California, shot me a email), Bong Mausai (from the Great Bong Washington fame). Please you and all others on my blogroll and those who believe in the voice of blog and visit my blogsite, do keep blogging. Nandu,Kutti,Bhavna,Rosy,Venky,Navin,Ranga,Surjo and Gaurav, I will be back soon. Baas chota sa break...

Aaman I know you are not in India but at times when I exchange emails with you,I get the feel that you are next door. Share with me a small chunk of your vast repository of knowledge and maturity. Your comments and insights have been really enriching for me. As I told you earlier through email,I will be back soon and do the pending assignment I promised you.Till then keep up the good work at Desicritics.(Check Desicritics here.)

Keep mailing and I will reply to all your mails.

As I generally end each time,this time its not "Keep reading and remain connected" but "remain connected". Don’t leave the blog world and I just can’t do that. Will be back soon. Pardon me for my break.

Take care and keep shining in life but but but remain connected.


At 12:22 AM, Blogger Simba said...

Good Luck on this small break! :)


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