Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Vote and Grab a free Coffee....

Yesterday, while I was reading the New York Times online (nytimes.com), I found an AD by Starbucks before it could let me read the front page. Later, I learnt that Starbucks is offering a free cup of coffee to anyone and everyone who vote on the 4th of November'08 for the US Presidential elections.

Now, a questions is it a conscious initiative to stimulate civic participation or is it a ploy to jack up its own business which is going through a tough patch during a period of economic downturn when 600 of the 7,200 Starbucks branches in America were planned for shutdown a couple of months back.

Whatever be it, I unquestionably vouch for the fact that drinking coffee, makes one feel good. Definitely so after you have come out from the voting booth, after having cast your ballot. The hope remains, may be my vote would make a difference.

So ahead, vote and grab a free coffee at Starbucks.

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At 9:29 AM, Blogger RAJI MUTHUKRISHNAN said...

RC, I love coffee - voting or not. But personally I prefer the S. Indian coffee to the Starbuck wallah. But coffee any day over tea.


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