Monday, January 29, 2007

T for T

Try this poison, and this little doodad will calculate how much of your favorite substance it will take to kill you. Hehehe.....

I got 176.08 cups of Brewed Tea to go before I kick it.

T (Imperial Red) is always refreshing for me and anytime whatever hour of the day it is the smell of the leaves, which is a bit cocoa-ish is always inviting. The other most noticeable thing about this tea is the color, which certainly lives up to its name - definitely red, as you can hopefully tell from the picture here.

[Pic was at Barista]
This is good for sipping on late nights. Few days back, at around 11PM, I was sitting at Barista over-looking the empty road in front of me. I was there with my friends as we were bidding farewell to Kini who moved to the US. Through the huge mat pane I saw an old aged laborer pestering the make shift food stall owner to give him a plate of fried rice as he wanted to surprise his wife and not let her cook. How fortunate of me sitting there and observing this site of caring which happened to flash in front of me that moment. The shop where I was sitting was about to shut down, but this tea sort of said don’t worry, snuggle down, all is safe and warm with each sip of me which you take.

By the way did you get the two T’s, which one comes first?

Try this trivia, and by the way what was your score. Was it a perfect 10 like Federer clinching his grand slam title in the Australian Open.

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