Thursday, December 14, 2006

What does the Path mean….

I heard this song in one of the TV channels for the first time last weekend while having dinner.It is from one of the movies to be shortly released i.e. "Anwar".The lyrics is raw,simple and intoxicating. I tried to write my whole experience and it goes like this:

The light from the morning sun gently touched everything that surrounded me making everything live like a plethora of vivid abstractions of all that was wonderful. I walked homeward slowly, as if in a dream, and breathed the air in complete unison with my pace, looking everywhere and seeing everything for the first time. The torn jeans, the khadi kurta and meandering through those desolate gallis till I reach the passageway of the ramshackle fort. Air breezed with perfect humidity making the leaves of the yellow-green tree glow, whispering serenades with an accent of a poet. The world is a beautiful place, I said to myself, and then I float like a parachute. And while on mid-air I see the street-people sleeping on unused benches and the neighbours busy in their daily chores and then I glow more and become one with a familiar yellow-green tree that I passed by. I float more and walk even slower as I reach my destination with the emotions of a child and say "Ankhe Teri Kitne Haanseein". A state of trance is attained. And after such a long time I am finally contented with everything that surrounded me, as the electric fan beside me hummed without repose.

Suddenly, I can smell the naked body of mother Earth as rain drops start to trickle,the smell of morning tea wafting in the morning air from the corner street. I stand there and dive deep into a totally unknown ocean and there I see thousands of different emotions that sometimes are in confrontation with each other. But in the end it’s the smile that matters.

Check the refreshing video below,make sure you have your ear-plugs in place

Keep smiling,reading and remain connected.


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